I worked with GE for 15 years and left 2 years back on good standing as I thought. Presently, I'm now working for a company that that looks after some of the technical issues of GE. As per GE policy, old employees can come and pick someone up but can't come where the people are working. Few days back, I went to the building to pick up an old friend for lunch and for that, the Facilities Manager told my present employer that I was a bad employee and I left the firm in bad circumstances. My question is that is their any legal step that I can initiate against that Facility Manager. I don't think he has any right to talk bad things about me to my employer. The only good thing is that my present employer knows that I'm a good employee.

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I understand that you are upset with what has happened and believe that initiating legal action is the only option left. But I'd like to ask you to think if you could avoid a lawsuit here. Have you discussed the issue with the Facilities Manager? Write a letter to the FM and request to stop making such careless statements, which are hurting your reputation. My advice is don't take any legal step at the very beginning.

However, if the Facilities Manager goes on making such careless statements even after getting the letter that harm your professional reputation, then consult an experienced defamation attorney in your area.

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