I recently complained in our HR dept. against our Manager. My complaint was that the manager told all my coworkers that I had a STD, which is absolutely false. even it’s true that is none of anyone’s business. Alternatively, I just had scabies. I live in a small town and here words travel very fast. Now even my gf believes that I’m having std and asking me repeatedly to have proper treatment. My reputation is damaged because of his false statement. Now this manager is trying to fire me. What should I do? Talk to the HR dept. or consult an attorney to find out likely defamation cases?

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Obviously talk to the HR department first. This way you would be able to take care of the manager's ignorance and insensitivity and thus avoid the legal complications. However, if the HR department fails to offer justice to you, consult an attorney in your vicinity to discuss legal alternatives you are having to prove your case.

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Last Updated on: Fri, 8 Jun 2018

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