I was fired from my job as a registered medical practitioner by my manager two months back. He claimed in written termination letter that I had improperly handled/ documented/ controlled substances, which was a criminal offense). Though they failed to provide any valid evidence to support their claim, they maintained that I am ineligible for rehire in any other dept. of the hospital. I immediately got another employment and was denied a position after they contacted my previous manager for which I was completely eligible. Can I sue them for defamation?

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Some states as Virginia is at will and you can be fired for any reason. However, if you want to take legal steps against them regarding defamation, you have to provide evidence to prove that the statements made were false and that those statements caused slander. Apart from this, you also have to prove that the previous manager told your present employer something that comes under the definition of defamation.

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Last Updated on: Fri, 8 Jun 2018

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