One of my creditors (who is in another state) has blemished my credit report with inacurate info. Can I make a claim in my local small claims court, and if I get the judgement as the creditor did not bother to show up for the hearing, can I request to remove the blemish from my report as it's inaccurate and negatively affects my reputation?

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You can certainly sue the creditor liable for the same, but obviously under proper circumstances. If the creditor has reported wrong things, you can sue him/her under the Fair Credit Reporting Act. But, dispute the wrong entry with the credit bureaus first. If the error doesn't get rectified, you can certainly sue the creditor. Again, if one credit bureau cleans up the wrong information and others don't, you can also sue them.

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Last Updated on: Fri, 8 Jun 2018

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