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Debt Settlement in Missouri

Debt Settlement programs in Missouri can be the perfect solution to creditor harassment, mounting debt, increasing over-limit charges and lofty APRs.

How Debt Settlement works in Missouri?

In a debt settlement program, the debtor and the creditor agree upon a reduced sum of money as payment in full.

If you are helplessly struggling with overwhelming debt then getting help from a good debt settlement plan offered by a BBB accredited Debt Settlement program could be the solution you were looking for. Debt settlement companies not only offer you fruitful variety of plans to reduce your debts, but also reduce your over-limit charges and late fees.

When you enrol in any of these programs, all your debt issues are handled by the settlement firm. A debt settlement attorney associated with the firm negotiates with your creditors and gets your debts settled for the lowest possible amount.

The greatest advantage of a debt settlement is that it ensures that your funds are used to pay off your principle first. You may either pay the settled amount in one payment or in affordable instalments.

Duration of the Settlement process in Missouri

Debt settlement aims at making you debt-free as soon as possible. The duration of the settlement programs carried out by BBB affiliated firms in Missouri vary according to the amount and number of your debts. The average duration of Missouri debt settlement programs range from 3-36 months.

How Debt Settlement affects your Credit Score?

Debt Settlement has a direct effect upon your credit score. The impact depends upon the extent of your delinquent accounts.

If you settle accounts that are already delinquent, your credit score will improve as soon as the creditors mark them as "settled" or "paid". If you settle accounts that are current, then be prepared for an immediate decrease in your credit score. Your score will recover with time, as each of your account gets settled.

Benefits of Missouri Debt Settlement

There are many benefits to settling your debts with a debt settlement program:

  • Debt Settlement helps you avoid bankruptcy: Bankruptcy is a difficult and time consuming process that can take years to complete, unlike debt settlement.
  • Debt Settlement causes you to pay less: A debt settlement company not only reduces your debt amount but also eliminates your late fees and over-limit charges.
  • Debt Settlement allows you to repair your credit score quickly: Because the goal of debt settlement is to reduce your payments, you are better able to afford them, and starts repairing your credit score from the first payment.

Tax Consequences of Debt Settlement

The IRS considers any amount of debt forgiven by your creditors in debt settlement as income to you. This means that unless you can show you were insolvent on the day before the debt was forgiven, you must pay taxes on the entire forgiven amount. Every creditor must report the amount of the forgiven debt to the IRS and state taxing authority and send you a 1099-C to report the income in the year the debt is forgiven.
For more information on Missouri's reporting requirements, please consult a Missouri tax professional.

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