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Debt Settlement in Arizona

Arizona consolidation programs can be safe options for those with multiple debts. But when you are struggling with lump sum debt crisis, debt consolidation doesn't work.

If you are a resident of Arizona buried under insurmountable credit card debt, consider opting for Arizona Debt Settlement.

With debt settlement programs you can resolve your lump sum debt issues. It reduces your debt principal along with the interest rates and waives off other penalties and fees. With a successful debt settlement program you can easily bring your finances back on track and save quite a few dollars as well.

Handling the procedure with the help of debt settlement attorney will be an added advantage to getting steady credit card improvement. It is highly effective process if you want to avoid the ill effects of bankruptcy.

What bills can be settled?

  1. Credit card bills
  2. Phone bills
  3. Medical expenses
  4. Personal bills

How does the debt settlement process work in Arizona?

Arizona residents can resolve their huge debts with the help of debt settlement programs. Arizona debt settlement companies provide tailor made programs for residents. These programs aim to get you a reduction on your lump sum debts. If you can settle your debts well you can expect a reduction up to 60% of your original principal.

In Arizona debt settlement can be done in one of the following ways:

A. Settle by your own

In order to settle your debts you do not always require a professional assistance. You can easily get it done by your own if you are prudent while handling your debt issues.

You need to follow a few basic guidelines to carry out a successful debt settlement. Here are a few tips:

  • Learn about Arizona's credit card laws and regulations.
  • Get approval from your creditor to start the settlement process.
  • Convince your creditor about your weak financial condition.
  • Offer lump sum amount as the settlement sum to the creditor. This inclines the creditor towards debt settlement.
  • Propose a repayment plan if you cannot make a lump sum payment.
  • Keep track of your accounts and make sure your case is properly reported to the credit bureau.
  • Tell your creditor you are considering filing bankruptcy if nothing works.

B. With the help of a Debt Settlement Company

If you are not comfortable settling debts alone then consider doing it with a debt settlement company. By transferring your responsibilities to a debt settlement company you can settle your debts properly and without a lot of hassle.

But before deciding on a debt settlement company it is advisable that you check out its accreditation with Better Business Bureau (BBB). The company takes a look at your financial situation and suggests a plan to help you get rid of your debts. The company appoints a debt settlement attorney who negotiates with your creditors to reduce your debt amount to approximately 40-60%.

If you are unable to offer a large lump sum settlement amount for then propose a repayment plan. This will enable you to pay in affordable installments over an extended time span.

The debt settlement lawyer will also guard you against all creditor harassment notices and calls. Your attorney will instruct your creditors to contact them and not you in case of any dealing. Thus opting for a professional approach always helps in tackling creditors better.

Average Duration of a Debt Settlement in Arizona

The duration for debt settlement process in Arizona depends on a few factors:

  • Kind of debt,
  • Outstanding debt amount, and
  • The number of debts you intend to settle.

Generally the process of credit card debt settlement takes around 6-9 months where other debts can take 1-3 years. The process will be shorter there are no defaults or additional borrowings on your account.

How does Arizona Debt Settlement affect your Credit Score?

Your credits suffer an initial dip due to delinquent debts. But after you enroll in a debt settlement program and make regular payments there is a marked improvement on your credit score.

Your credit score tends to shoot up as your accounts are paid off. As you keep on settling your delinquent accounts, your credit score keeps on improving.

The improvements are greater when you settle your delinquent debts. For those debts that are current, there is not a marked difference in your credit score. When your debts are paid down, your account is marked as paid/settled by the bureau. The process is further sped up if you get help from a debt settlement attorney.

Benefits of Arizona Debt Settlement

  • Can reduce your monthly payments.
  • Have to pay only the minimum qualifying amount.
  • Can save a lot of money after the completion of the settlement process.
  • Puts an end to all harassing collection calls from the creditors.
  • Improves your credit score.
  • Bankruptcy can be avoided.

Tax Consequences

In Arizona the tax consequences are same as that of the other states. Any amount forgiven under a debt settlement program is counted as income by the IRS. You are required to report it on your income taxes for the year the debt was forgiven.

If you qualify as insolvent on the day before your debt was forgiven, you do not have to pay taxes on the forgiven amount.

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