I participated with MMI for about 2 years with the larger of my creditors as noted in my intake report. My balances are actually HIGHER now than when I started with MMI and I ended up taking a loan out to pay off the smaller creditors and quit MMI. I have not paid BoA, Discover and GE Money for 5 months. My last attorney now has abandoned my case saying I just need to pay the creditors
now as the risk to me in taxes for a settlement is too high (a change in stance in the past 9 months). How can you assure me you can do better and get the job done???

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Your case is really critical and you need immediate help! It’s unbelievable to know that even after 2yrs of professional help your balances are higher. You haven’t paid BoA, Discover and GE Money for 5 months. This means that they are the big creditors. Anyway, whatever the circumstances are, we can obviously try our best to solve your case as we have already resolved many intricate cases in the past. And incase we fail, we have a 100% no question asked money back policy. Below provided are some links for your discretion.


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Last Updated on: Fri, 8 Jun 2018

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