this is thier FB acct. im not sure what i really want from this i consider myself a strong woman but they have cause so much stress and fighting between me and my husband that he even left me home alone for 3 days cause of it, i have locked myself pretty much inside my home with depression, my stomach hurts, my head hurts all the time and i never have had head achs before this. im so stress, and mad so much that i yell when someone tries to talk to me. Just don\'t feel good anymore.don\'t eat right. I guess i think alot about what kind of damage to they do to weaker people, thier actions could make some one hang them selfs, my husband has threaten to take a rope into the gargage. Let them know they can\'t treat people that way. It\'s just not right, we had a verbale agreement that the car was for my daughter not me and that it won\'t be at my home at all even thow thier contract saids i must stay with me at all times. they breach the contract and turn around and treat me like crap. like i aint nobody with feelings.

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It's not clear as what led them do so. You purchased a car from them and failed to pay off, is it something like that? But again you are saying that they breached the contact! How? But it is true that even if you owe to them, they can't treat you badly. It's against the consumer protection act and a obvious violation of the FDCPA. Consult your attorney and seek respite by filing a harassment lawsuit against them.

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