I’m not the primary user, rather just an authorized user on my spouse’s credit card. We were married 20 years back and since then I’ve been using the card as an authorized user. Even I’ve my name mentioned on it. Though I pay every month on it, still I owe about $6600. The charges are typically family expenses. Can my spouse charge me with credit card fraud/theft for this?

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Since you are an authorized user on the card, this doesn't sound like credit card fraud. If you want to be sure though, contact a local criminal law attorney and discuss everything you want to know. Discussing potential monetary issues over the web can bring on additional risks. You seem not very clear on your marital status. If you are still married, then there is no harm in using your spouse's card, granted that he/she allows it.

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Last Updated on: Fri, 8 Jun 2018

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