What happens after you contact us?

What happens when you opt for

Step 1: Call from a Financial Coach

Once you opt for our "No obligation FREE counseling", one of our experienced Financial Coaches reaches out to you over phone.

Step 2: Counseling for your financial problems

After reaching out to you, the Financial Coach (FC):

  • Talks to you and tries to evaluate your present financial condition by analyzing your income, expenses and debt obligations.
  • Tries to determine if you can pay your bills on your own through proper budget planning.
  • Suggests to get help of a legal debt relief program like debt settlement, debt management, and bankruptcy if your condition is severe and recommends the most suitable option for you.

Note: You're not obliged to act according to the FC's suggestion during the counseling session and therefore can at anytime end the counseling at your own discretion.

Step 3: An understanding of the program offered to you

If you agree to get help of the suggested program, the Financial Coach narrates you the entire fee structure and procedure of that particular program.

Step 4: An agreement with the firm

You're provided with a legal e-copy of the agreement between you and OVLG. An assigned Client Relationship Analyst (CRA) offers monthly budget counseling and takes care of your account throughout the process.

Step 5: Allotment of a transparent & secured client area

For the sake of transparency, you're provided with a secured client account so that you can stay informed about:

  • The 'up-to-the-minute' performance reporting and latest developments in your case.
  • The current status of your important documents (Representation agreement, Limited POA, settlement letter etc.)
  • A detailed analysis of your budget. (See demo)
  • Entire transaction details and payment information.

Get call from a Financial Coach
Get FREE initial counseling
Understand the program
Sign the agreement
Get personalized and secured client area