I have without a doubt made payday loans as a way to fix my financial problem, but now i find it a way of life and cannot get out of it. i was expecting funds that now will not be coming for sometime. i now have 14 payday loans outstanding and have paid more on interest than what the orginal loan amount was.

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You haven't mentioned which state you're in. Is payday lending legal in your state? Have you taken out online payday loans? Does the regulating statutes in your state allow to set up installment repayment plan? ….. Too less information to give you any definite answer!!

Stop taking out anymore loans, as you have already landed up in the cycle. Try contacting your creditors to make alternate payment arrangements or try to settle. Seek help from a credit counselor if you can't do it yourself.

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Last Updated on: Fri, 8 Jun 2018

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