I received a warrant in debt from an Anesthesia company for a surgery bill that I availed last year. I had a current health insurance at the time of the surgery but the anesthesia company and the insurance provider didn’t renew their contacts with each other and sent me the bill to pay. Since then, I have been unemployed and don’t have a health insurance nor even the money required to pay bills that has doubled due to attorney fees. Do I need to appear in court? Do I have any option to fix this issue?

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Non-payment of the insurance can’t be a legal defense for non payment of the bill. If you ignore the case, a judgment will enter against you enabling the creditor to take steps to collect from you. This can be wage garnishment, garnishment of bank account, or liens on property. If you want to tackle the case properly, you should immediately consult an experienced consumer attorney.

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Last Updated on: Fri, 8 Jun 2018

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