My boyfriend worked over seas in Iraq for a private contracting company for sevral years making good money. When he got sick, got sent home had to have surgery and was on leave for two months then lost his job. We got behind on all of our bills. We are still trying to get back on our feet. I now am not working because I have my own medical problems. We have two young children we are also trying to support. He is the only one working my oldest daughter is on disability. I am currently wainting to see if I will be qpproved for disability. In the last two weeks we have been served with two court summons one from the hospital and one from capital one credit card. And I am unsure of what we need to do. His income is the only income we have other than my daughters SSI. Can anyone give me some adive I would sincerly appriciate it.

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You haven't stated how much bills you got and what state you are living in. In most of the states, SSI is not garnishable. Again, if his income is not sufficient enough for your household expenses, it is unlikely that the court will order a liquidation or a repayment plan. You can try to work out something outside the court with the creditors. Even if they don't consent to your proposal, chances are less that the judgment will go against you.

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