I’m making payments on a private student loan on which I’m a cosigner. If I sue the primary borrower for the payents that I have made so far, what would be an approx. amount that could expect from that person for legal fees/lawyer fees? I’ve already paid something around $5000. How much time would the whole procedure take and would it worth standing before the courthouse?

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The answer depends and may vary upon the details of your case. I’d rather suggest to contact few attorneys in your vicinity for consultations, a) to see if any case of action is there, b) to find if there is any remedy, and what is that, c) if the fees they’d charge worth incurring when thinking about the available remedies.

If you are not sure where you could find an attorney, you could check out with your local attorney organizations and local or state bar association.

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Last Updated on: Fri, 8 Jun 2018

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