Someone owes me close to $5,000. Can I put into place a contract establishing his acknowledgement of the debt and have it signed by him so that he can’t deny the amount in future? Should I also mention in the contract that he needs to repay the amount in less than 90 days? Would I be able to make use of the contract in case he fails to repay the amount? Would the breach of contract be easier to take necessary legal steps?

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What you need is a Promissory Note (to detail the amount owed, interest, any collection cost you incur, any legal fees). A written agreement in these matters is always better than an oral one as this helps you to enforce your rights easily.

In case there is a breach of contract, you can then sue the person in your local Small Claims court yourself without hiring the services of a lawyer.

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Last Updated on: Fri, 8 Jun 2018

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