I’ve racked up some medical debts due to an accident in December 2011. I had no medical insurance at that time and the car insurance company provider stated that the accident happened due to my carelessness. The medical debt has now reached a collection agency and they have warned me either I’ve to pay the complete amount at once or they are going to sue me, receive a judgment and garnish my wages. They have also stated a payment plan ($500 a month), which I can hardly afford. Can they sue me for medical debt? Can my wages be garnished? What should I do? I seriously need help!

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Yes, they can for sure sue you for this. And if they receive the judgment (which they obviously will), they will garnish your wages. A judgment will typically include attorney fees, court costs and interest on the debt. Therefore, it’s better to come down to a settlement with the collection agency and get your feet out of this quagmire.

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Last Updated on: Fri, 8 Jun 2018

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