I recieved a summons stating that I was being sued on 22nd Feb and a judgment will be filed against me. I've no clue regarding what type of a judgment is this as there has been no hearing and the summons just writes----"your wages money, and property may be taken without further warning from the court". They have sued me for a car repossession. Will they take this year's tax refund from me? Further, how will I know that they are going to garnish my wages.

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As per the law summons is an order to appear in court. From the lines it’s evident that it’s not a summons. If the document arrived straight from the court, then you need to contact the court immediately and ask for the date and time when you can appear to combat this.

However, in any case, a tax refund can’t be cut off just for a judgment for a car. Once the tax refund reaches in your account, money can be taken from your bank account. However, it can also be taken for other debts such as child support.

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Last Updated on: Fri, 8 Jun 2018

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