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Debt Consolidation in Nevada -10 Laws for Consolidating Bills

If you are a resident of Nevada with no idea how to keep up with all your monthly payments, here is a solution to your mounting debt problems.

Debt consolidation in Nevada is the best relief measure when you have trouble paying your multiple debts. It protects you from being constantly harassed with calls from creditors and collection agencies. It is also one of the prime factors that help you to restore your credit report and peace of mind.

How does the Debt Consolidation Program work in Nevada?

In Nevada the process of debt consolidation works in the same way as in other states. There are two ways of consolidating your multiple debts.

  1. With a personal debt consolidation loan: If you can no longer afford the monthly payments on your credit cards, then dealing with your creditors on your own is a great option. Here, you take out a consolidation loan to pay off all your debts and reduce your interest payments. By doing this, you save a lot of money.
  2. Getting help from a Better Business Bureau (BBB) affiliated Debt Consolidation Company: Dealing with creditors is a tedious task and involves lot of unwanted stress. The professional expertise offered by a debt consolidation company helps you deal with your financial problems. All you need to do is check to see whether they are accredited by the BBB or another State sponsored consumer protection agency.

When you enroll for a debt consolidation program, the company appoints a debt consolidation attorney to work with your creditors on your behalf. After careful analysis of your financial situation, the company creates a plan that will get you out of your debt crisis and restore your credit score.

The debt consolidation process allows you to get out of debt faster without hampering your credit report. By converting your multiple debts into one single affordable repayment, your debt burden is reduced. You can also look forward to getting your finances back on track and having a debt-free life.

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Benefits of consolidating your debts in Nevada

There are many benefits of debt consolidation. It is by far the best process to help you restore your credit report and get your finances back on track.

The benefits of a debt consolidation program in Nevada are as follows:

  • Single monthly payments: Through a consolidation program all your multiple monthly payments are consolidated into a single payment, which you pay the consolidation company instead of making multiple payments to your creditors.
  • The interest rate is reduced: A consolidation program involves interest rate reduction. As a result, you pay less.
  • Late fees and extra charges are waived off : You are saved from paying late fees and extra charges in a debt consolidation program. You are not charged more than what you owe.
  • Freedom from harassment calls from creditors: When you enroll for a debt consolidation program, there is an instant drop in the number of abusive calls from your creditors . Your lawyer takes care of all communications with your creditors and collection agencies on your behalf.
  • Payment plans are made easier: As you have to pay only a single payment each month, the payment plans become manageable and within your control.
  • Reduced time span for paying off debts: The time period for paying off your debts is reduced as you only have to make a single payment each month.
  • Positive Impact on credit report : Consolidating your debts has a positive impact on your credit score because you pay back all of your original debt by the end of the program.
  • Stay away from bankruptcy: With debt consolidation, you can avoid bankruptcy and its effects on your credit score.

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Why is debt consolidation so popular in Nevada?

With a population of 3,133,268 and more than 60,000 unemployed people, Nevada residents face a tough challenge in managing their expenses. According to the Debt Clock, the debt per citizen in Nevada is $8,201, which is not a small figure.

An important point of concern is Las Vegas, popularly known as Sun City to the entire world. Las Vegas is well known for its vibrant nightlife and fantastic entertainment. People splurge money on gambling, parties, drinking, shopping, and so on. They spend more than what they earn. As such, they have to rely on credit cards for their expenses. The high cost of living, unemployment, and expenses often compel people to use credit cards for covering their expenses. However, due to lack of good money management skills, people are unable to pay credit card bills. As such they get into financial problems and try to consolidate bills in Nevada. Debt consolidation allows people to repay their bills at ease. They don’t have to worry about collection calls and lawsuits every day. This is why it is so popular in Nevada:

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Loans those are eligible for Debt Consolidation in Nevada

The different loans that can be consolidated in Nevada are:

  1. Credit Card bills.
  2. Medical Expenses.
  3. Private Student Loans.
  4. Personal Loans.

Apart from these loans, you can also consolidate payday loans in Nevada.

Payday loan interests are pretty high in this state. Nevada's payday loan APR is 625%, which is unaffordable for most borrowers. If you have borrowed cash advance loans and can't pay them off, contact payday loan help companies in Nevada. They will create a repayment plan you can afford.

Search for good payday loan help companies in your locality. If you live in Reno, search for 'payday loan help companies near me' on Google, and the search result will show you all the payday loan help companies in Reno. Similarly, type 'Payday loan help companies in Las Vegas' if you live in this place.

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When is debt consolidation the right option in Nevada?

It’s a good option for the Nevada residents under the following circumstances:

  1. When they can make the commitment of sending payments to consolidation companies every month.
  2. When they want to get rid of collection accounts, charged-off accounts, payday loans, private student loans, personal loans, credit card bills, medical bills, storefront credit cards, utility bills, etc.
  3. When they can’t tackle multiple bills with varied interest rates..
  4. When they want to avoid collection calls, lawsuits, judgments, and wage garnishments.
  5. When they want to restore their credit and make their financial life stable
  6. When they want to save money on bills.

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How Debt Consolidation in Nevada affects your Credit Score

Of all the various debt relief programs, debt consolidation has the least effect on your credit score.

When you enroll in a debt consolidation program, an attorney creates a program that will help you overcome debt fast. By following the plan, you can repay your debts in a short time and start improving your credit score. As you start making regular monthly payments, your credit score not only recovers but improves.

Having the expertise of a professional debt consolidation attorney can be a great help when it comes to resolving your debts sooner. They provide you with a plan that not only solves your current debt problems but also saves you from further debt problems.

Therefore, even a poor credit score can be changed to a good one if you follow your consolidation plan. All you need is some prudent consideration and effective planning.

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Things you should avoid while on a Consolidation Program in Nevada:

  1. Closing your accounts abruptly: If you close your accounts abruptly, your credit score is drastically hampered. By closing them you lose the opportunity to use much of your available credit. If you close your old accounts, the effects are far more devastating than closing your current accounts. The old accounts have a long payment history, and that helps to restore credit score. Therefore, it is better to keep these accounts open.
  2. Incurring new debts: If you are already in a debt relief program, taking out a new loan is not a great idea. It can increase your debt problem and deteriorate your situation further.
  3. Accepting long-term payment plan: A debt consolidation program will not be effective if it does not help in lowering the interest on your monthly payments. If your repayment plan is stretched over a longer period, then the cost of repaying your debts will surpass the amount that you originally owed.
  4. Opting for balance transfers: Resorting to balance transfers as a means of consolidating your debts can increase your debt problems. Transferring balance is similar to getting into another debt.
  5. Signing documents without reading them: If the consolidation loan is another credit card or unsecured loan, then the terms can change according to the lender's whim. Remember to go through the entire agreement to make sure there are no loopholes and ask any questions as they occur.

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In which cities can you get debt consolidation services in Nevada?

These services are available in almost all the big and small cities in Nevada starting from Las Vegas to Reno to Boulder City. Other cities include Handerson, Paradise, Sunrise Manor, Sparks, Carson City, Spring Valley, Enterprise, etc.

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Is debt consolidation in Las Vegas, Nevada legal?

Debt consolidation in Las Vegas is legal. You can either take out a debt consolidation loan in Las Vegas or you can enroll in a program. Both options are open to you. However, before making the final decision, check out the eligibility criteria for both the options.

Eligibility criteria:

Loans Programs
High credit score Valid identity-proof
High income Proper financial documents
Collateral (secured loans)
Valid identity-proof
Proper financial documents

As you can see from the above table, debt consolidation programs in Las Vegas have relaxed eligibility requirements than loans. So, it’s a more convenient way to consolidate bills in Las Vegas. Those who don’t have a high income or FICO score can still qualify for consolidation loans. However, in that case, they have to opt for secured consolidation loans..

Secured debt consolidation loans are not a good option for Las Vegas residents. Although the interest rates are low, there is always a risk of losing assets in the event of loan defaults.

On the contrary, debt consolidation programs in Las Vegas don’t pose any threats or risks to the residents.

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What should you know before you consolidate debt in Reno, Nevada?

It’s important to have a clear concept about everything before you consolidate debt in Reno or Las Vegas or any other city of Nevada. Here are the 13 facts you must know before you decide to repay bills with debt consolidation.

  1. You won’t get out of debt within a month. It will take a minimum of 2 years to complete the consolidation plan.
  2. You can’t lead a care-free life and splurge money in the nightclubs every night.
  3. You have to save money to make monthly payments to the debt consolidation companies in Nevada.
  4. You have to pay a fee to the consolidation companies until the completion of your repayment plan.
  5. You can’t leave the repayment plan midway.
  6. You have to stop using the credit cards enrolled in the program.
  7. Your credit score will go up gradually as you pay back all your creditors.
  8. You can modify the repayment plan if your income drops due to some reasons.
  9. You have to track your case and credit report after enrolling in the consolidation program.
  10. You have to select a good consolidation company for getting the best results.
  11. You should ask collection agencies to validate debts before consolidating them.
  12. You shouldn’t pay a penny without getting a written agreement from the consolidation company.
  13. You’ll get guidance from the industry professionals on repaying your bills the right way.

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10 Laws Nevada residents must know before consolidating bills

  1. Debt consolidation companies can’t charge upfront fees from you. This is an FTC law.
  2. Debts that are beyond the statute of limitations (SOL) period of Nevada are considered as time-barred. Creditors can’t get judgments against you for those debts. If they file lawsuits, you have to inform the judge that the SOL period of the debt is over.
  3. The SOL clock on your debts can restart in Nevada if you acknowledge them or make partial payments. Creditors can sue you in that case.
  4. The debt relief companies can’t make vague or unrealistic promises to Nevada residents.
  5. Debt collectors can’t call you between 9 pm and 8 am on weekdays.
  6. Debt collectors can’t threaten or harass or abuse Nevada residents.
  7. Creditors can’t take your assets without the court order.
  8. Debt collectors can’t contact you after receiving a written request to cease communications.
  9. The debt relief companies must provide you with a proper written agreement.
  10. The debt relief companies must maintain transparency regarding the tenure of the repayment plan and the fee structure.

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