yes i tried to validate the debt . wrote this in affirmative defense

1.plaintiff, as the defendant is informed and believes , lacks the legal standing to bring and maintain this action

2. the court would unjustly enrich the plaintiff by granting relief sought herin .

3.the plaintiff has not proven the debt is valid or the amount of the debt is accurate. the plaintiff must prove that the principal, intrest, collection costs, and attorneys fees are all correct, agreed to in your contract, and lawfully charged. defendant also insists that the plaintiff come up with the contract, account statements and purchase receipts to prove the amount of the debt.

wherefore, the defendant asks the court for judgement:

a. Dismissing the complaint herein with prejudice.

they wrote back this

1. the plantiff denies the first (AD) and requests strict proof thereof

2. the plaintiff denies second (AD) and requests strict proof thereof futher facts supporting an (AD) must be pled specifcally, in the same manner as facts in a complaint.

1. that defendant has failed to allege an (AD) and as such plaintiff denies the same and requests strict proof thereof. defendant is attempting to challenge well pled facts in the plaintiffs complaint. it is well established that it is not the right way to purport an (AD)

what should i do next? and can i at least answer back the right way?

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Opt for legal counsel as soon as possible. Your attorney would answer back in the right legal way on your behalf.

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