I need help in writing a letter to request that a judgment that is paid in full removed. Please send me an example

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Below is a sample letter that I used and was succesful at having the in my case ...a state tax lien...removed from my credit files. 

The key to obtaining this is tosend this letter to the company or agency that you paid your judgement to directly. Once they notify the courts to vacate/ withdraw/ expunge the account and they send you confirmation, you should then send a dispute the the CRA that is reporting the judgement asking for a re-investigation of the judgement...and your results should result in a deletion.

Here's the letter I used:

Your name



Name of Agency that filed the Juadgement/ tax lien


Attention:  Name of person you spoke to




Re:  Docket #  filed on  


Dear  ,


The purpose of this letter is to confirm settlement and to request and expungement of the above referenced account. 


I have paid the (Name of Agency) $XXX.XX  on (Date) for Docket # XXXX.  The payments, including all principal, interest, late charges, penalties and assessments, have reduced my account balance to zero which closed the account.  There should be no further effort to enforce or collect on this account and, therefore, I am requesting that the (Name of Agency) vacate, withdraw and/or expunge Docket #XXXX with the (Name of County Courts).


Please forward a copy of the withdrawal and/ or expungement to the address listed above in this letter.


Your prompt attention to this matter is greatly appreciated.



Your Name

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There is no such sample letter. Judgment stays on your credit report for 7 years. It won't be removed from your credit report just because you paid off the debt. You may request the credit reporting agencies to remove the listing from your report, but they are not compelled to grant your request.

The effect of judgment on your credit lessens with time.

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