I was married from 5-08 to 7-11 and I signed for my step-son when he was addmitted in the hospital in 2009 because I'm the one that had insurance on him. Two medical bills were not paid and one company is not making me pay since it is not my son and we are divorced but the other one still wants me to pay. Do I still have to pay this medical bill?

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In all probability, you have to pay (or your insurance has to). The debt had been incurred before the divorce and you had signed, thereby accepting the liability. If one company is not asking you for payment, that’s their concern. But the other one might drag you to the court for the outstanding bill.

You can discuss it out with your insurer as well.

Whom do you indicate by “company” though?

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Last Updated on: Fri, 8 Jun 2018

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