Collection agency will not validate discrepancy

I moved from an apt complex and now they are saying I owe all these ridiculous charges (not giving notice, cleaning up, repainting) and have sent this to a collections agency. These charges are at approx. $1,400.00 and I have disputed these charges with the collection agency, with also a bill I received dated AFTER the invoice of these charges only showing a balance of $450.00, not the $1,400 they are saying I owe. They will not provide an answer to why I received a bill showing a balance of $450.00 (please note this balance is dated after the "said invoice"). Additionally, they have not given a reasonable answer to why these invoice charges are so high. I have written a couple of times to this collection agency asking for an explanation on both (balance less after date of invoice and why are the invoice charges not reasonable) and they are ignoring my requests and demanding that I pay the invoice charges. Please advise on what I can do next?
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