we have a couple of credit cards that are VERY relentless on calling us all day EVERY day. It has been going on for weeks now, and we had just fallen behind by a week or less when it started. I have spoken with them and explained that I lost my job last month, but they just keep calling upwards of 5,6 times a day and even more sometimes. What actions/options do we have?

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You have not stated from which state you are. Anyway, if they are calling you repeatedly  and moreover during unusual times (before 8 am or after 9 pm), they are certainly violating the fdcpa. Call them, and let them know that. Also tell them that you are completely aware of your rights as a debtor under the fdcpa and you would initiate a lawsuit if these go on. The things that you could do in these circumstances, are below:

1) As you are aware of the debts, try to settle those with them;

2) Send them a 'cease and desist' letter; in that case they might sue you;

3) Gather evidence against them of fdcpa violation and get compensated by suing them in court.

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