I had a judgement filed on me for medical debt I owed from 06 I got a judgement filed on me and then they was garnish my husband wages over one late payment. I went and got a lone to pay off the 5000.00 I owed them so my wages didn't get garnished. When I went in to pay them they told me I owed them another 6000.00 for more medical bills to the same places. and that I could set up payment arrangements on that I don't think that I have been fairly treated by the collection agency they have not wanted to work with me at all and I dont think that I owe the debt and now they are threatening another judgement against me?

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I'm not sure if you had a judgment filed against you, how they can garnish your husband's wages. Was your husband the cosigner on the loan? Or, do you have a joint account? You need to understand that your creditors can always reject to work with you on a payment arrangement. And if a judgment has been made against you, chances become less that your creditors would agree to a payment arrangement. If you are doubtful with the debt amount you need to pay, take a look at the judgment orders.

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Last Updated on: Fri, 8 Jun 2018

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