I recently enquired my credit report, and found it to be 684. Within 6 months or so, my fiancée and I are going for a new house. After reviewing my Transunion report, I found that I dontt have a significant credit history. The report also says that there are too many inquiries on my account. But I doubt most of the inquiries are illegitimate. Can I get them off my account? I don't know what should be done. Please help.

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Since your credit score is 684, you won't find it difficult to take it around 720. Just make timely payments toward your existing credit cards and personal loans in order to improve your credit history. Apart from this, don't borrow a single loan at this moment. This is because whenever you'll go to borrow another personal loan, a hard inquiry will be conducted in your credit report , resulting in a lowering of your credit score.

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Last Updated on: Fri, 8 Jun 2018

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