I've two credit cards. One with Citibank and the other with the BOA. But I only use the BOA card and just 15% of the limit. Is there any specific amount of points my score will go up each month? Can my credit score go up faster if I use the other card too? Besides having a student loan, this is the only debt that I carry. I don't have any mortgage or a monthly car payment so just want to know how can I raise my credit score fast. Thanks.

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Usually, credit scores move more on a 6 months basis. If you want to carry the best possible score, always use less than 10% of your credit and try to make more than the minimum monthly payments. Credit score actually depends on many things, i.e. your credit history, your capability to pay bills, diversity of credit like student loans, credit cards, car loans etc.

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Last Updated on: Fri, 8 Jun 2018

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