I pulled up my credit report and saw a collection account being reported. I sent a DV letter to the CA with my name, account number etc. Received a response within 2 days, but they're asking me for the name of the creditor and his account number.

Aren't they supposed to know that since they're collecting on the account? Should I dispute to get it removed now, since it doesn't seem to be a valid one?

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Yes, you're right. They're supposed to know the creditor details if they have contacted you. But, in your case, since you find out about the account from your credit report, they're not bound to validate the debt. (as they didn't contact you directly).

Dispute it with the credit reporting agency. They would ask the CA to verify the account and provide details about the OC to the CRA. If they can't, the CA would need to stop collection attempts and the account is going to be removed as well. Hope this helps.

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Last Updated on: Fri, 8 Jun 2018

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