Organizer’s role in formation of California LLC?

If the organizer is not the member, is it necessary to include him in the member operating system? Is there no connection between the organizer and the members or the organizer has nothing to do with the operating agreement. I am really confused! Does any member need any kind of consent from the organizer to be the member? I think if it's a corporation, the incorporator needs to sign a statement to assign the primary directors. But is their anything similar for an LLC?

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An LLC's organizer is just like a corporation's incorporator who doesn't need to be the corporation's member or owner. An organizer's responsibility is to file the articles of organization. This can be done by hiring a lawyer, by hiring an agent from a service company that specializes in that business, or by hiring manager of the prospective company. You can get help from a business lawyer.

Last Updated on: 08 Jun 2018

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