So, you are in dire straits!

You have hefty debt payments each month, and you have a job that pays you a lump sum, but you hate it as much you can, and want to quit it as soon as possible!

You also understand that the debt payments will get heavily hampered if you stop going to work!

Well, one simple answer from my end will always be, don’t quit your job till you have paid off your debts!

However, the situation might not be that easy at your end, and the last thing you get doing your job is probably satisfaction!

In such a situation, I have a lot of other suggestions for you!

Keeping it simple,

Here are 2 things to do, when you want to quit your job, but also have debts to pay off:

1 Understand, how to quit your job, and what to do after you quit your job:


So the job is not good, you have started to hate it as much as you can, and now want to quit!

But, see the bright side! This job is paying you! At least with your paycheck amount, you can plan to clear your debts sometime soon!

There must be something, that dragged you to this job, and you cracked the interview, and felt happy!! Isn’t it?

Hope you still remember that day, when you got this job!

Therefore, you should again try to find out, what part of the job appeals to you the most! But at the end of the day, it’s always your call, and you can quit anytime you want!

So, if you have already made up your mind to quit this job, then you will have to find out, when is the appropriate time to quit!

You should also have a steady thought on what to do next, after you quit the present job!

See, I will still suggest you to use this job’s paycheck to clear the debts! That’s completely for your own good, what I am saying!

You will have to consider the worst case scenario, where you don’t have a job, and have many debts to pay off! Considering such situations beforehand, you need to act sensibly!

No matter how hard it is, but you will have to continue with your current workforce in order to pay off debts! Remember the more you delay in making your debt payments , more will the debt amounts grow on interests over time!

Plus, you will have to find out a new job source, before you quit your current one!

Take your time!

Find and apply for a new job before quitting. And, aim to clear your debts with the current paychecks.

Make sure that when you shift to a new work force, you won’t have any other liabilities to deal with, except the workload!

2 Figure out some good options to pay off your debts fast:

But, before you make the big shift, you should plan well to clear all of your debts, with the help of the current job you have.

And, to do so you will have to find the best ways to pay off debts fast!

Prioritize your debt payments, and line out your debts one by one.

With secured debts like mortgages or auto loans, it becomes a long time affair. So mortgage and all can be carried forward to your next job. But you really have to plan out how to clear unsecured debts!

A credit card debt consolidation can get you up from your heavy amounts of credit card debt, fast!

If you don’t want any professional method, then you can completely pay off your debts on your own!

In fact paying off credit cards or other unsecured debts, all by yourself, is pretty easy if you follow a fixed budget. You should definitely try out the reverse budgeting technique!

Each month, from your paycheck, you keep aside the total amount you need for the debt payments!

After this, you list all of your expenses as per their order of importance! Say groceries, transportation and utility bills will come first in line.

Next, you can focus on your luxury expenses, like eating outs, or buying costly gadgets, etc.

Follow these little steps as discussed in this post, and we can bet, that you will have a smooth shift to your next job, and wash away your debts seamlessly.

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