4 Ways to minimize Summer hang-out costs

Summer brings the much-needed warmth after long, dull, and raw winter. The branches shed the weight of the long deposited ice, small twigs try to wake up from their seemingly perpetual slumber and peep out, and the mother nature presents the fruits of her Spring labor.

Likewise, you too try to break free of your prolonged inactivity and crave to feel the rays of the bright sun. You too wish to spend quality time outside with your friends and family - may be barbecuing or toasting in the evening heat.

Plans and wishes are easy to make. What is needed to execute them is money. However, money shouldn’t come in your the way to celebrate the limited sunny days. Here are a few ways to spend less dollars this summer.

1) Happy Hour Deals

Growing up, I’ve played a variety of sports. However, recently I found my true calling in volleyball. Now, as the summer has begun, I try to play the game 3 times a week with few mates. There are a few bars/restaurants near the court I play. This year I’ve planned to chill out in one of them everyday after I finish my game. Another thing is drinking more water. I’m going to sweat a lot, so taking fluids making sense. Also, it’s free and saves me calories. The only reason why I’ve decided to chill out after the game is because the happy hour is cheaper.

You may not like or play volleyball. That’s okay. Think something that you like doing in summer and where you’d be able to save money as well. For instance, a weekend meet up with old friends, and dinner at your own place will serve dual purposes.

2) Grill at home

Nowadays, it’s getting excessive hot here in Phoenix, Arizona. However, it becomes tolerable as the sun sets. But cooking something is I’m strictly avoiding now. What I’m doing is simply taking-out the grill and using it in my own backyard. The grill is very cost-effective. Even I’m preparing much so that I don’t need to do this everyday. I’m having a good amount of leftovers, which is saving me money by holding me back from buying lunch.

3) Visiting the beach

Though I don’t have the provision, but you may have. If there is a beach nearby your home, you should visit these days. Though some would charge a small fee, many are absolutely free. If you visit with friends or family, besides enjoying the outdoors, you can relax, swim, walk, play beach volley, may even bring beer and chill out.

Trust me, you’ll find it quite affordable, and you’ll get a place to play and roam around all day of you want.

4) Make use of your or your friend’s yard

Each winter I remain stuck inside because of the overpowering cold and yet I never manage to take advantage of my colossal backyard and deck. However, this year I've pledged to change it. This year, instead of going out with my friends, I’ve decided to call them and hang out in there with cold beverages and hot cuisines.

If I make an educated guess, I hope these will curb my spendings to a significant level - by at least $200 if not more. I’m not saying that I won’t go out or dine with friends or family on Friday nights. However, I’ll do these activities as well to reduce my entertainment costs. What other options do you have in mind or tried already?

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