4 quick tips to save money & enhance personal life

So you're very busy in striking a balance between your professional and personal life? You hardly have time to peep into your checkbook and track your finances. In the meanwhile, you've already checked the "newsfeed" in your Facebook at least 5 times while returning from office. You've liked your friend's photos, shared posts and given your comments too. Now, here lies the main question. If you can spare some time to check your status in social media several times, then why can't you devote at least 5 minutes to save money?

Now, don't raise your eyes after reading this question? Believe it or not, you can save cash within a few minutes. All you need to do is follow 4 quick money saving tips.

4 Tips that help you save money in 5 minutes

Here are the 4 tips that help you save money within 5 minutes and spice up your financial life.

1. Create a free email account and sign up for frugal newsletters

Create a new 'label' in your email inbox. The name of the label would be "best offers" wherein you can quickly scan the best deals (offered by the online moneymakers and money-savers) of the day. To get various kinds of offers from online money-makers and money-savers, you should give this particular email address when you sign up for frugal newsletters, daily deals, printable-in-store coupons, special saving offers, etc.

The best part of this system is that, your email inbox won't be jammed and you can easily filter the deals you're really looking for in less than 5 minutes.

The most important task is to check your email inbox and respond to the best offer at least once in a day. The best offer can be anything - it can be a survey or simply printing a coupon.

2. Remove credit cards from your wallet before going to a party

It won't even take 2 minutes to remove your credit cards from the wallet but the benefit you'll gain will be worthwhile. First of all, you won't be able to spend too much and get a big credit card bill. You won't get paid back too. Your friends will go back to their home and forget about all the expenses next day whereas you'll have to pay a heavy price for partying. So, you'll be the sufferer. Use credit cards for only emergency situations. Nothing else.

3. Send emails to rent a few items instead of buying them

It only takes 5 minutes to borrow a household item from your nearest neighbor. So, instead of buying something instantly, borrow the item from your neighbor to save money. You can also find out if your local neighborhood association offers any "tool lending library" to its members. If you need a costly equipment for a particular project, then try to rent it for a few days instead of purchasing it.

Do you have a household item that is not used for years? Well, in that case, you can contact friends, various kinds of clubs, neighborhood association, etc to sell the item within 5 minutes. If you don't like to meet strangers, then you can sell items through the Craiglist.

Mary, a mother of a 10 year old kid sold baby supplies and other items through Craiglist and earned around $70.

4. Check your online credit card account and reduce one expense

If you have time to log on to twitter account and tweet, then it won't be too difficult to check your credit card statement. Glance through your statement and find out the one particular expense you can reduce in a month. For instance, you may decide to give up your gym membership or you can club telephone bill with your TV provider. This may help you potentially save a big amount every month.

Last but not the least, formulate a list of 7 items you need in every month. These items may include cookies, detergent powder, soaps, tissue paper, etc. On Sunday, once you get the newspaper, have a look at the sales section on the newspaper minutely. Find out if some of those items are available on sale and buy them before the offer expires. If you have a good idea about the pattern in the price changes, then it wouldn't be difficult to filter the correct sale offers.

Before you head to the store, use 5 minutes to take a reusable bag with you. Never lose any opportunity to grab "bring-your-own-bag" deals at stores. Obviously, these deals would be good only if you get bag credit for carrying your bag.

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