Saving and spending money can be tricky; especially when you’re leading a middle class lifestyle. You need to try all the best possible ways to make the ends meet successfully. For instance, deals are always best, but some deals are expensive too. So, you should be judicious about what you buy or skip.

What to skip and what to splurge

Here goes a list of things you must skip and splurge in your middle class lifestyle.

what to skip what to splurge
alarm clock microwave
air travel healthy foods
car refrigerator
TV smartphone
printer external hard drive
camera laptop
audio system sheets
kids' birthday parties professional help
expensive vacations kitchen appliances
gaming console trash can
warranties home renovation

Middle class survival guide- tricks and tips

Whether by choice or due to unemployment, many people are leading a middle class lifestyle. With a proper planning and a right outlook, you can maintain your lifestyle. If you can manage your money properly, you and your family won't feel needy. Below are some tricks and tips to manage your middle class financial life.

# Keep an additional income

Additional income will give you financial security. If you have proper knowledge of online money making techniques, then start freelancing and blogging to earn some extra cash.

# Sell unused items

Find out items that lay unused in your house. Sell them to earn some decent amout of money.

# Create a budget and follow

Budgeting is the foremost importance for financing. Budgeting will help you to get an idea on your affordability. So, make a list of your income and expenditures. You can use an online spreadsheet to create your own budget.

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# Open a savings account

Open a new savings account to save money into it diligently. It is really important to put away some of the money into the savings account to secure your future.

# Ditch your plastics

You need to prevent yourself from using your plastics. The lesser use of credit cards, the better you’ll be able to manage your personal finances.

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# Avoid buying unnecessary things

Avoid buying things which you don’t need. Try to concentrate more on your needs instead of things you can live without.

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# Go for DIY

There are many things that can be made at home. So, try some DIY methods to save money as well as save the environment. For instance, you can make your own cleaning agents, using reusable items, growing vegetables so on.

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Final words

When your economical situation is not good, you shouldn't try any forms of financial risks. This can otherwise lead to financial disaster. So, double check before making any investment (stock, currency investment). You should be focused to tighten your wallet instead of living lavish life. So, if you want a well off middle class lifestyle, then you should incorporate these tricks in your life.

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