Just because your driver’s license has been suspended, it doesn’t mean that you’re a reckless driver. Chances are there that your driver’s license has been suspended simply because you couldn’t pay fines for a parking ticket.

Bankruptcy can help you reinstate suspended driver’s license. Eager to know how? Have a look at the below-given sections.

Can chapter 13 bankruptcy help you?

It is true that chapter 13 bankruptcy can help you discharge debts and reinstate your suspended license. It can help you pay off initial fees and get your driver’s license back. All you need to do is show the copy of your bankruptcy petition and drive on the road without any fear yet again.

Although bankruptcy can help you pay off initial fines, you’re still responsible for the original fees and DMV application fees. If you don’t accumulate money to pay these fees, then DMV may not agree to give you a license. Besides, bankruptcy won’t help you discharge other debts such as:

  • Personal injury judgments due to drunk driving
  • Debts incurred when you were driving without any insurance
  • Fines incurred due to your involvement in criminal activities

If you have any doubt regarding which fines can or can’t be eliminated, then it would be best to discuss this matter with your attorney.

Can chapter 7 bankruptcy help you?

Yes, it can. But remember, it would give you only a temporary relief, and this is why many people don’t go for this option.

Chapter 7 bankruptcy is open for approximately 3 months, and your driver’s license can be re-suspended once it’s over if you don’t pay tickets or fines. Moreover, tickets and government fines can’t be discharged through Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

So, all in all, if you have a lot of fines and want to drive on the road yet again, then go for chapter 13 bankruptcy.

Few facts you need to know

Irrespective of the type of bankruptcy you have filed, there are a few facts you need to know:

  1. Your suspended driver’s license would be temporarily reinstated when you have non-dischargeable debts such as parking tickets. Once the case gets closed, your license may be suspended again.
  2. If you have received personal injury judgment without any allegation of drug or alcohol, then your driver’s license would be reinstated through bankruptcy.
  3. Bankruptcy won’t discharge traffic fines when your driver’s license was suspended due to your failure to file an accident report.

The bottom line

Bankruptcy is your best option to get your license back even when it can’t discharge all the fines. I’m sure you too will agree with me when you read the following lines.

When you file bankruptcy, you need to list all your debts,assets,and income. So, there is a huge possibility that you have other debts too. Even if you can’t pay off traffic fines, still you can pay off other unsecured debts. This would leave you with free money to pay back traffic fines yourself. Once you repay the fines, it’ll be easier for you to get your driver’s license reinstated.

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