6 Secrets to save $2000 in 2015 without sacrificing your lifestyle

Let's accept it - we could all benefit from more money. However, due to lack of good jobs, frequent job changes, and negligible chance of winning lottery, people have almost given up the hope for making more money. But this is utterly wrong since there are ways to save money in a year – not $20 or $50 but as much as $2000. And for this, you don't even need to compromise with your lifestyle.

If you really wish to save $2000 in 2015, then there are some secrets you need to know. When you go through this article, you'll come to know about a few of them.

6 Secrets to save in 2015 without changing your lifestyle

Here are a bunch of secrets that will help you save $2000 in 2015:

1. Finally, say yes to refinancing: You probably have delayed your decision to refinance in the last few years, but it's high time to make a decision right now. Mortgage rates are still very low. So, take advantage of this low rate and apply for refinancing. This can help you save almost $4130 in 2015. You know what's the best part of refinancing? It can help to save your precious time. You can be debt free sooner. This is completely a win-win situation for you. So, go and grab the deal.

2. Go back to school: This is the best option when -
(a) you're laid off
(b) you're looking for a career change desperately
(c) you're a single mom, etc.
But, going back to school means you've to shell out extra dollars. So, instead of saving money, you'll probably lose thousands of dollars throughout the year. Right? Wrong. Education cost is high but government has also set aside a lot of money for the returning students in financial crisis. So, apply for a grant (the maximum limit is $5730) and pay for your higher education. So, your net savings will be $5730.

3. Compare auto insurance policies: No, I'm not saying that you should give up your auto insurance policy to save $2000 or more. Not at all. Why should you when it is mandatory in all the states? What I'm suggesting is that you should compare the premium when you're paying for auto insurance. Find out how much other insurers are charging for the same coverage. If you're paying too much, then it's time to negotiate with your insurer. Ask for a lower premium or else threaten to switch to another insurer. Choose any one option.

4. Repair rather than buying an item: Don't discard your suit once a button drops or it goes missing. A premium brand suit can cost up to $2500. If a button goes missing, then don't trash the suit. Rather, repair it within a few days. It will help you save more than $2000. If you want to save more, then just buy a sewing kit and do the necessary repair instead of going to a tailor.

5. Press the delete option: Whenever you get a promotional mail about a great offer in Amazon, press the delete option instantly. You've not even contemplated buying a new dress or a furniture or a jewelry now. But when you check out the flat 50% discount offer and you like an item, you immediately place the order without thinking anything.

Result – You lose money. If you didn't check out the offer, you wouldn't have placed the order. As a result, you wouldn't have spent or lost money.

6. Cook a little more for dinner: If you're planning to cook a pound of minced beef, then try to cook 3 pounds of it. Eat whatever you can and keep the remaining amount in 2 different food containers. You can use the remaining amount later on. This will help you save both time and money.

It is true that you won't be able to save $2000 in a single day. But, eventually you'll save this amount or more than that.

It has been difficult to get a big promotion in the last few years. But, this doesn't mean there is no job at all. Look out for a bigger opportunity and if you can even get a 15% bigger paycheck, grab it. This will help you fight back with the increasing living expenses. Moreover, if you use the money in the right way, you can potentially save almost $200,000 in your lifetime.

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