Review: 3 Bankruptcy Software for Consumers

In order to file for bankruptcy, corporations and partnerships must hire an attorney. However, as per, individuals may file a bankruptcy case and represent themselves in court without an attorney or “pro se”. Though this might sound enthralling to many would be filers out there, filing bankruptcy on your own is an extremely difficult task.

It’s very important that a bankruptcy case is handled and filed correctly. The rules are very intricate and a single mishap can affect all your rights as a debtor.

Nowadays, there are a number of bankruptcy filing software available to help you with your filing process without paying for the hefty fees of an attorney. Here we are reviewing three among hundreds of bankruptcy software available today.


As per what they claim, their bankruptcy forms software “are second to none for ease of use, accuracy, security and price.” Unlike other programs, they allow you to save your work as you go ahead. Moreover, when you get to the end of the bankruptcy form, all the amounts are automatically totaled and entered in the proper fields and you’re not required to manually add and re-add your data and double check your math. Again, unlike browser based bankruptcy software, 1ClickBankruptcy’s software gets downloaded directly to your PC so that you can work offline too.

What do you get?

As per what they have claimed in their website, below are some of the catches of their software:

  1. Attorney designed interactive bankruptcy software
  2. Handles all the math as you enter your information
  3. State and federal exemptions for all fifty states
  4. Free credit reports
  5. Guaranteed court acceptance
  6. Bankruptcy reaffirmation agreements
  7. Access to an unlimited time phone call with a bankruptcy attorney in your state

Price: If you order now, you can get the entire package (including bonuses) just for $49. Keeping in mind thousands of dollars that bankruptcy attorneys charge, this amount looks almost nothing.

Verdict: While many have praised the simplicity, affordability, efficiency and brevity of forms, many have complained that though the software is claimed to be up to date, actually it isn’t. While many have lauded their refund policy, many complained that the court clerk doesn’t accept the paperwork. To conclude, though there are many ifs & buts, it’s a great deal at $49.


DocumentAid is another self-bankruptcy filing software. However, it pretty much differs from the modus operandi of that of 1ClickBankruptcy. Here you needn’t download anything. Rather, just log in to DocumentAid’s secure website, enter your information and once you are done, the software goes on with processing the data. Once the processing is done, the software generates you the final documents, which you just need to submit with the local bankruptcy court in your area.

What do you get?

Following are the stuffs that DocumentAid offer you:

  1. Complete security of the information you provide
  2. Complete privacy of your data
  3. Easy, intuitive and adaptive sections
  4. Complies with the provisions of the new federal and state bankruptcy laws
  5. All the generated documents are current
  6. Guaranteed court acceptance
  7. Complete money-back guarantee

Price: For a limited period of time you are getting the service by paying $39.

Verdict: While a few say that the software is recommendable, they too agree that a lawyer is also needed since the site is not able to make you understand the complexities of the bankruptcy process. However, if you don’t want to drain thousands of your hard earned money for the attorney’s fee, you need to work a bit hard and know the bankruptcy process on your own. Anyway, a good deal if you are confident of doing it on your own.

Standard Legal

Standard Legal claims to provide you with all the information, forms and instructions needed to file for bankruptcy. Doesn’t matter whether you’re filing alone or jointly, their completed samples and fully updated documents are going to make your task easier.

What do you get?

  1. A booklet with detailed information concerning which documents are required to be filed and the costs associated with filing your case
  2. Relevant and specific information of each District Bankruptcy Court in the US
  3. Suggestions as how to present the completed documents to the court and appear before the bankruptcy trustee
  4. Information to go through to court-required Credit Counseling and Debtor Education Course
  5. Access to a discount code that provides both courses online for just $59
  6. Use with any device (Windows, Mac, Apple, iPad, Android, Linux. Desktop PC, laptop, tablet, mobile device) and free technical support to use the forms
  7. 100% money back guarantee on non-acceptance by the court, clerk office or agency.

Price: The package is fairly priced at $49.95.

Verdict: Though we tried to, we could not find a single negative promotion about Standard Legal’s bankruptcy forms. The package comes with everything you might want to go ahead with your bankruptcy. It’s easy to follow and simple to use and moreover, gives the consumers a sense of empowerment.

Nevertheless, we recommend that you never purchase a bankruptcy filing software until you’ve downloaded the demo and tried it for a few times.

As per, debtors should always try to obtain the services of a competent and experienced bankruptcy attorney since bankruptcy has long-term financial and legal consequences. Debtors who cannot afford to pay for an attorney can qualify for free legal services. For information about hiring an attorney, or about free (also known as "pro bono") legal services, contact your state or local bar association.

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