People's views on CSR in debt relief industry

The humane issue of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), which was reinforced with OVLG’s money refund policy, received overwhelming responses from people. Recently, OVLG had initiated a discussion on Facebook regarding the importance of CSR in corporate arena and invited people’s opinion about the same.

The response that OVLG received was greatly encouraging and hinged on the efficacy of CSR. Consumers too, like OVLG, have felt the urgency of CSR and expect consumer-friendly policies from the corporate world. In fact, what the people unanimously agreed upon is the fact that Corporate Social Responsibility is truly crucial to a company’s progress and reputation.

The aspect which also got highlighted here is that incorporation of humane policies can actually bring a hike to business. Of course, the discussion had its share of occasional opposing undercurrents too when some opined that humanization of companies will not do any good to business.

But overall, the discussion repeatedly emphasized that a company needs to have a sense of moral obligation to the community that transcends profit-making. What came out prominently from this absolutely inspiring discussion is that consumers have warmly welcomed OVLG’s humane policy of money refund with all their heart, which undoubtedly is a remarkable achievement for the company.

People's views on CSR in debt relief industry

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