4 Money moves you should make when your kids move out
This post is again dedicated to all the parents. Oh please, don’t think that I have become a parent, and I’m overwhelmed with paternal feelings. It’s just that when I was writing about Is it high time we teach personal finance to preschoolers? , a question popped into my mind about the predicament of parents after they leave home. If you think carefully, parents do so many things for kids. But after they become an adult, most of them move out. Emotionally, it’s tough for parents to adjust with the new situation. But what about financially? Let’s find out.

Most parents don’t look into the financial aspect since they are so much overwhelmed with the sudden departure of their kids. My mom’s health deteriorated when I left home for finishing my studies. She lost the zest to cook foods and didn’t eat foods properly. It took her an year to adjust with the new lifestyle. Dad helped her a lot.

But when I look back, I feel dad and mom could have done better. They didn’t look into the financial aspect. Probably if they did financial adjustments, I feel they would have made a lot of money.

Am I sounding materialistic? May be I am. But I don’t find any logic behind not making financial adjustments when children move out. Parents can make a lot of money by making a few financial moves. Believe me. Here are the few possible ways.

1. Change your budget plan:

Children have moved out and your household budget has dropped. It’s time to analyze your present financial circumstances and change your budget plan. Make sure you create a budget that would help you spend your retirement years comfortably. Use a few budgeting apps to track your expenses.

Parents make thousand compromises to look after their kids. Now that the kids have grown up, it’s time parents enjoy this new phase of their life. They deserve to enjoy a vacation or remodel their kitchen beautifully.

2. Reorganize your money:

We all know that children are expensive. Parents have to arrange money for food, clothes, shelter, education, medical expenses and so on. Now that the kids have moved out, it’s time to use extra money wisely. Parents can use the money to settle their debts and build their nest-egg. They can also have a talk with a financial planner and know the best way to use the money. It’s advisable to know about the tax implications as well.

3. Rent out the vacant rooms:

Parents are often emotionally attached to rooms where their children have spent their childhood. So many sweet memories are associated with those rooms. But let’s be practical. Children have left the house and those rooms are empty. It’s wise a financial move to rent out those rooms and make extra money. Parents can just post an ad in Trulia or Zillow for long-term rentals. If they want to rent out those rooms for shorter stays, then posting an ad in Airbnb is a wise decision.

4. Change the vehicle:

You needed a family car when your kids were small. But now your kids are grown up and moved out. Now ask yourself, “Do I need a family car now?” If the answer is ‘no’, then downsize to a smaller car. It will be an economical decision. If you have 2 cars, then sell one of them. Review your car insurance policy. If you decide to keep only one car, then your car insurance policy rate may go down. In case, you decide to retain both the cars, then use one car to make money.


Your life is not finished because your kids have moved out. Rather, this is the time to fulfill all your dreams. You have compromised a lot. You have done loads of adjustments in your life. Now you should enjoy this new chapter of your life. You should relax. You should indulge in your hobbies. I would suggest you to indulge in those hobbies that would help you make extra money. If you do well, then set up a business. Don’t invest too much money initially as there will be expenses. Check your budget and then invest.

Best of luck for your new journey. I hope you discover a new side of yourself in this new chapter of your life.

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