ovlg in 2014

7 Years back, Oak View law Group (OVLG) was only a small law firm with a few number of employees. In 2014, Oak View Law Group has emerged as one of the biggest law firms in the country. With 2036 successful clients and 356 positive reviews to its credit, OVLG has brought smiles in the face of thousands of people in the country. It's goal is to give a ray of hope to people who have almost lost everything – money, rights, reputation and faith.

2014 was a memorable year for OVLG. This was the year when OVLG was back again in Google almost after a year. This was also the year when OVLG got a new makeover and a brand new image. Another remarkable achievement was that it got 41 reviews from clients and connected with 17382 people through networking websites. While these may not record-breaking figures, yet they're much better than 2013 stats.

Here's what we did this year – 2014.

Improved the look and feel of the website

ovlg new look vs old look

Clients come first for OVLG and our goal is to serve them in the best possible way. In the last 7 years, we have tried to focus on clients' concerns in whatever way we could and this year was no exception. In 2014, we changed the look and feel of our website so as to make it easily accessible for the clients. The new look has made the website more simple. Clients can navigate easily and access all the features within a few seconds.

Introduced better security for clients

ovlg shifted from wordpress to drupal architecture

Privacy is your biggest concern. This year we have shifted from wordpress to Drupal architecture to 'shut the doors' to hackers permanently. You don't need to be concerned about your privacy anymore. We're there to take care of this issue. Your confidential information will remain private. No one would know about it unless you reveal or give permission to us.

Stepped into clients' pocket

ovlg mobile application

Android is in every home now, thanks to the new mobile technology. Anyone can reach and explore the virtual world within a few clicks in their smartphones. Since we have always wanted to be there with you 24*7, so we thought it's high time to launch OVLG mobile application for all. Now, anyone can download the FREE application in their Android and become debt free within a few days.

If you wish, you can navigate the whole website in your smartphone at any resolution. You can just click on the Toll Free number and chat with the OVLG representative within a second. Do you realize it's significance? You can now take a step towards a debt free life while having dinner.

Connected with 17328 people

ovlg connected with 17328 people

In 2014, OVLG connected with 4979 people in Facebook, 9707 followers in Twitter, 345 followers in Pinterest and 297 followers in Google Plus. Our goal was to help as many people as we could. Our goal was achieved, people are happy and so are we.

Our pleasure is in making our clients happy. In 2014, we helped 2199 clients in dealing with their debts. And, we helped 2036 people to pay off debts successfully. Our reward was 41 live videos from our past and existing clients.

Reached 48 states and served more clients

ovlg is now in 48 states

Finally, OVLG reached 48 states this year. We have only 4 states to go. Hopefully, we’ll reach the remaining states in the next year, Fingers crossed!

In 2014, we took various steps to take Oak View law Group in the next level. In 2015, we'll continue to do the same. There are some big surprises for everyone in the coming year. Hopefully, you guys will like it. Meanwhile, if you've any suggestions, then share them with us. Who knows, your suggestion can help thousands clients in the long run.

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