Is halloween an overrated and expensive festive event? 15 Ways to cut costs

It’s festive time again. It’s time for pumpkins, tricks, treats, Donald Trump costumes, and ghosts. For most people, Halloween is one of the most enjoyable festive events of the year. To me, it is. But, it is also a festive event that burns your wallet badly.

Sorry! If I’m hurting your sentiments. But, I honestly feel Halloween is an overrated and expensive festive event in our country.

Americans are expected to spend $8.4 billion on Halloween celebrations, a figure highest in the past 11 years.

Retailers are eyeing this festive event to make big money. They are promoting their products (costumes, candy, candies, decorations) quite aggressively.

Check out the 3 items on which shoppers make maximum expenses

Halloween celebration expenses
Items Expenses
Masks $3.1 billion
Treats $2.5 billion
Cards $390 million

Let’s have a look at the amount shoppers splurged on Halloween celebration in the last 7 years

Consumers spent on Halloween in the last 7 years
Year Total expenses
2016 $8.4 Billion (expected)
2015 $6.9 Billion
2014 $7.4 Billion
2013 $7 Billion
2012 $8 Billion
2011 $6.9 Billion
2011 $5.8 Billion

Here’s what consumers spent (average amount) on Halloween in last 6 years.

Average amount consumers spent on Halloween in the last 6 years
Year Average amount
2015 $74
2014 $78
2013 $75
2012 $80
2011 $72
2010 $66

Why is Halloween an overrated festive event?

As much as I love Halloween, I feel Halloween is one of the most overrated festive events of the year. And the reasons are:

  • Because the amount you spend on a Halloween costume is not worth it. I mean there is no point spending a fortune on a costume that you’ll be wearing for only 7 hours.
  • Because you’re swiping your credit cards for buying costumes that make you look 50 pounds heavier.
  • Halloween-themed goods are quite overpriced in specialty stores.
  • Spending a good amount on pet costumes is a sheer waste of money.
  • The cost of creepy cocktails easily adds up your credit card bill.

15 Ways to cut down costs in Halloween

  • Share the cost of entertainment with your friends
  • Figure out your affordability before making Halloween purchases
  • Make pet costumes instead of buying them
  • Pay in cash when you’re shopping for enjoying Halloween celebrations
  • Buy cheaper Halloween candies instead of branded chocolate bars
  • Figure out what you need to celebrate Halloween a month before
  • Buy plates, cups, napkins and other Halloween party supplies from the dollar store
  • Buy the items at the last-minute. You might get attractive discounts since retailers won’t be able to sell them after Halloween.
  • Call friends instead of buying Halloween greeting cards.
  • Swap your last year’s Halloween costumes with your friends.
  • Pick the best pumpkins at an affordable price from pumpkin farms.
  • Use the pumpkin scarps after making lanterns to make soups, pies, and healthy snacks.
  • Take your kids to country to enjoy free activities.
  • Plan your menu, calculate the number of guests and don’t buy too much food.
  • Clip coupons and look for attractive online deals to save on your shopping.


Halloween is an expensive festive event. But, so what? You can still enjoy this spooky event without spending a fortune. Just follow the tips mentioned above.

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