When it comes to saving your precious stuff, which you are nostalgic about, you need to hire someone who you can trust and rely on. If you want to hire the perfect attorney for your needs, you should know what to look for. Before you fix the appointment, get some basic details about the attorney. During the initial consultation, try to find out more about the attorney before you make your mind up.

Whether you are going through listings in online directories, getting in touch with lawyers referred by friends, colleagues, or relatives, or getting names from a bar association referral service, here are few qualities you should look for in an attorney:

  1. Experience: Always go for an experienced bankruptcy attorney. However, just having years of practice won’t suffice. Check out for the number and types of bankruptcy cases he/she has dealt with in past. You should avoid attorneys who only have experience in handling Chapter 13 bankruptcy cases as such attorneys would push you towards Chapter 13 even when Chapter 7 better suits your condition. After all, for attorneys, Chapter 13 filings are more profitable compared to Chapter 7 ones.

  2. Accomplishment: Judging the competency levels of an attorney is often a tricky thing to do. Even after practicing for two long decades, an attorney’s track record might not be so appealing. On the other hand, a fresh law graduate who is smart and hard-working might turn to be fruitful for you. Always ask for recommendations from past clients and if possible talk directly with them.

  3. Fees and other add-ons: Before you hire an attorney for your bankruptcy case, you need to know in detail what he/she charges for Chapter 7 and 13. Cheaper isn’t always better. Again, skyrocketing fees don’t always bring you the best representation. So before you hire anyone, shop around for the best attorney out there and who charges the most reasonable rates.

What to look for in the first meeting

Nowadays, most attorneys offer an initial counseling for free. However, if someone charges for an initial consultation, it might be worth the penny you’re spending. Here are some tips as in what things you should try to know in the first meeting:

Is the attorney available?

While making an appointment check to see if you can talk directly to the attorney as it’ll help you know how available the attorney will be when you’ll need his guidance in future. However, if you’re told that a paralegal will be undertaking the routine aspects of your case, you should be satisfied with that order. You just need to see how soon your calls are answered or your appointments are getting scheduled.

Does your attorney appreciate your understanding of the law?

See if your attorney welcomes your knowledge and your participation. Many attorneys simply get threatened by clients who do their homework before approaching them.

Does the attorney carry malpractice insurance?

If the attorney doesn’t carry any malpractice insurance, move on and find someone else. A malpractice insurance is useful as it’ll help you recover damages from the attorney if he/she remains negligent during the case and that goes against you.

Does the attorney’s recommendation sound logical?

See what the attorney suggests after the initial consultation for your particular case. If it doesn’t make sense to you, go and find someone else.

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