Halloween: 10 Tricks to make money instead of spending it

The festive season begins with Halloween. But many people flinch at the word ‘halloween’ since they fear what’s coming - long bills.

This year, try something different. Instead of incurring huge credit card debts on Halloween, try to bring fresh cash inside the house. Just use these 10 tricks. I’m sure you’ll have lots of money for your Black Friday shopping.

Tricks to make money this Halloween

There are several tricks to grab a slice of pumpkin and make money in Halloween. Here are a few of them.

1. Get paid for your sitting services

Adults also love to celebrate Halloween like kids. So if you know any enthusiastic parents or pet owners, offer to take care of their children or pets and let them enjoy all the parties. You can register at Care.com for child care. Create your profile and update all your skills. Share your services to catch the attention of clients.

2. Create a haunted house

Many years back dad created a haunted house during Halloween. He charged 20 cents for admission to the haunted house he made in our backyard. But that was in the 1970s. The inflation rate is $2.07, and I don’t think anyone would agree to pay such an amount to enter a haunted house. Still, you could get $1-$2 per family if you build an interesting haunted house.

3. Get rid of old Halloween costumes

Are you bored of wearing old Halloween costumes? Do you still have those costumes in your wardrobe? If so, then you can sell them in Craiglist, Facebook Marketplace, or Letgo. Just click some good pictures of your old costumes and upload them to these websites. Ask for a reasonable price since these are old clothes. You can give a 60% discount to get customers quickly.

4. Bake cookies

Do you love to bake? If so, then bake themed cookies this Halloween. You can supply your baked cookies to parties, neighbors, local restaurants, and cafe. Charge a reasonable price if you’re new in the business.

5. Tie your business car to candy

Have you launched a business recently? If so, then you have a chance to get new clients by attaching your business card to the candy you’re giving out. Children may not give too much attention to your business card but parents will check your card, and hopefully contact you. Do you own a restaurant? If so, then try a 10% discount card instead of a normal business card. This will help to create a brand awareness.

6. Sell water or lemonade

Children never get exhausted. They can walk for hours and still feel fresh. But the condition of parents is bad. They get exhausted and tired. You can sell bottled water for $1 a pop. You can even sell lemonade or other beverages for 50 cents to a dollar.

7. Use your makeup skills

Are you good at hair styling? Are you good at face painting? If so, then share a post on social media about your hair styling skill or makeup prowess. I’m sure you’ll get lots of clients who are ready to pay a good amount for enhancing their beauty.

8. Be a haunted house actor

Do you enjoy scaring people? If so, then there is a good news for you. Corn mazes and local haunted houses hire actors to frighten guests during Halloween. Moreover, amusement parks also host seasonal events. You can participate in these events.

9. Stitch Halloween costumes

Are you good at stitching? If so, then you can make money by making costumes for furry friends. Yes, there are many families who dote on their pets, and they would love to buy costumes for their pampered pooches.

10. Be a party planner

Trust me, party planning is a big business in Halloween. If you’ve good organizing and networking skills, then you can be a party planner. You can offer these services:

  • Food (theme Halloween)
  • Halloween Costumes
  • Spooky decoration
  • Arranging a good venue
  • Music

The last but not the least,

Are you planning to rent out your home on Airbnb? If so, then Halloween is a good opportunity for a test run/ Keep your room clean and comfortable. Charge a reasonable price. Make sure the price you quote is lower than what hotels are charging. People love to make short trips on weekends and holidays. So the demand amongst tourists will be high. You’re likely to get a customer quickly. The best part is that you can experience what hosting travelers is like.

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