11 people who paid off debt through OVLG
11 people who paid off debt through OVLG

Finally, the much awaited 2015 has arrived. Some are busy in continuing with the celebrations whereas others are analyzing their highs and lows in the bygone year. 2014 was eventful for OVLG for more than one reason. We have already highlighted that in our previous blogpost – Flashback 2014. Now, as 2015 has begun, let us look at the best debt free success stories of 2014.

Most inspiring stories of 2014

Client KM saved $10190

KM saved $10183.7 through OVLG

Well, she contacted OVLG back in April 2013 when she was unable to deal with lots of medical bills. OVLG's financial coach Bryan Greenberg helped her to pay off 5 creditors within a year. The biggest concern for KM was incessant debt collection calls and Bryan helped her to get rid of this headache.

Check out her story - https://www.ovlg.com/reviews/km.html

Client MD saved $5300

MD saved $5300 through OVLG

She was one of those unfortunate people who got into payday loan trap and racked up $19,973. She approached OVLG on 06.03.2013 and started making payments from 06.28.2013. Till date, she has saved $5300. Some of her accounts are yet to be settled. Hopefully, the day will come soon when she will be completely debt free.

Check out her story - https://www.ovlg.com/reviews/md.html

Client BS saved $5234

BS saved $5234 through OVLG

He was facing a hard time due to his escalating student loan debt. He was mentally upset and didn't know what to do. One day, he heard about OVLG and approached us. He had a talk with one of our financial coaches and decided to take our help. After an year, he paid off his $13,000 student loan debt and became too happy.

Check out his story - https://www.ovlg.com/reviews/bs.html

Client AD2 saved $2735

AD2 saved $2735 through OVLG

She was a lucky one. She settled her first account successfully within three months of working with us. In fact, she has completed the entire program recently and is now completely debt free.

Check out her story - https://www.ovlg.com/reviews/ad2.html

Client TC2 saved $2,716

TC2 saved $2716.23 through OVLG

She contacted OVLG when her credit card debts was making her life hell. She read some positive reviews about OVLG and had a talk with Roger Sampson. Once Roger satisfied all her doubts, she worked with us, made timely payments and got out of debt within 2 years.

Check out her story - https://www.ovlg.com/reviews/tc2.html

Client MM2 saved $2,471

MM2 saved $2471.27 through OVLG

He was fed up of paying high interest debts on credit cards. After MM2 learnt about the debt settlement program in details from one of our financial coaches, he quickly enrolled into the program. He has already settled 4 out of 8 accounts and hope to be completely debt free very soon.

Check out his story - https://www.ovlg.com/reviews/mm2.html

Client CG2 saved $1932

CG2 saved $1932 through OVLG

Payday loans proved to be the curse in his life. He accrued $9457 on his payday loans and faced a very hard time to manage finances for many days. Once he approached OVLG, he realized that we can help him to get rid of this curse. He joined our hands and paid off 5 accounts quickly. He is left with only 2 accounts, which will be paid off soon. He is a happy man now.

Check out his story - https://www.ovlg.com/reviews/cg2.html

Client RS1 saved $1,706

RS1 saved $1706.28 through OVLG

RS approached us to settle her credit cards and payday loans. Once she made her first payment, we helped her to settle 13 accounts and save 60% on her total outstanding balance. She is left with only one account now (payday loan) and that too will be paid off soon.

Check out her story - https://www.ovlg.com/reviews/rs1.html

Client JH4 saved $1,644

JH4 saved $1643.61 through OVLG

JH approached OVLG in 2012 to eliminate his and his wife's credit card debts. He enrolled 13 creditors to get affordable monthly payments. His first account was settled within a span of 4 months and he saved 50% of the total outstanding balance. Till date, he has settled accounts and is all set to settle his remaining credit cards as well.

Check out his story - https://www.ovlg.com/reviews/jh4.html

Client TN2 saved $1,108

TN2 saved $1107.76 through OVLG

TN2 came to OVLG when he was struggling to make monthly payments on credit cards. Once he enrolled into the debt settlement program, his life became less problematic. He settled all his credit cards for only 42.83% of the overall balance. Today he is a debt free man.

Check out his story - https://www.ovlg.com/reviews/tn2.html

Client FR saved $1,025

ER saved $1025.37 through OVLG

FR came to us with a debt amount over $23,755.80. We asked him to go for debt settlement after analyzing his financial situation. He wanted to skip bankruptcy desperately and was happy with the debt settlement option. He settled his first account within 2 months of enrollment into the program. FR is very happy since he had to pay 41.41% of the overall balance to get it settled. Besides, he finally got rid of collection calls as well.

Check out his story - https://www.ovlg.com/reviews/fr.html

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