Nothing can be more joyful than inviting your extended family and friends to celebrate Easter at your place. It’s probably the best day when the kids enjoy all the day long under the warm sunshine. But remember, hosting an Easter event shouldn’t be a budget buster. You have lots of other expenses to meet, especially in the Tax filing season.

On the other hand, Easter has lot's of expenditures like egg dying, arranging Easter baskets for kids, crafts, goodies, arranging an egg hunt event, etc. Thus, you must be extra watchful while organizing an Easter event at your place including a dinner for invitees. Your main focus should be hosting the event without spending much. How can you do it? Well, you have to plan properly. This article has different sections focusing on different categories. Read on to know more about how to arrange a joyful Easter event within your budget.


How can you host a budget-friendly Easter egg hunt party?

Egg hunt party is the most attractive part of this occasion. You must be careful to make all the kids happy who're invited at your place. How can you do that? Here you go:

1. Ask the invitees to bring their own Easter supplies

You should ask your invitees to bring their own Easter basket. Thus, you’ll no longer need to spend money on Easter supplies for each child who is invited.

2. Buy reusable eggs

Try to buy reusable eggs that are made with plastic so that you can use the egg every year. You can buy refillable eggs too.

3. Keep inexpensive goodies

Don’t buy expensive candies and goodies for the children invited for the egg hunt at your place. If you use refillable eggs, then fill up the eggs with candies, temporary tattoos, toys, jelly beans, and so on. If you use the real egg, then buy goodies, toys, and fun stuff for kids. Arrange a counter and ask the kids to collect their gifts. Gift items are available at your local dollar store at a cheaper rate. So, there is no point of spending more money on branded goodies and treats.

4. Ask one of the invitees to take photographs

Don’t spend thousand of bucks for capturing the Easter event. Now almost everybody has a camera. So, ask any of your friend who is invited to click the kid’s egg hunting moments. You can also take photographs on your own.


How can you arrange Easter crafts without spending much?

Next is Easter crafts. You’ll have to decorate your house with Easter items as well as give Easter crafts to the kids who’re invited. You’ll find many Easter craft ideas from Pinterest. However, I'm sharing some of my favorite Easter craft ideas that are unbelievably inexpensive.

1. Bunny glasses for little ones

Draw two large circles on a white card stock. Cut the drawings carefully. Fold the shapes in half. Draw a heart in the circle and cut out the heart carefully. You need to cut two identical ears from that white paper and attached them to the top of the each circle. Tie a bow on an ear for a better look. Make two small holes on the side of the circles and attached ribbon so that it can be worn as a mask. Voila, the bunny glass is ready!

2. Paint the eggs

Painting Easter eggs can be messy, but no doubt it’s full of fun doing the work with your loving kids. You can hard boil the eggs and paint them with various colors and design, or you can paint plastic eggs after putting various goodies into them. Painting Easter eggs are fun for children of all ages. So, you can definitely give it a shot without spending money on decorative eggs available in the market. Search the Internet to find out egg dying methods.

3. Make cool baskets or holders for kids

Bright colors, different shapes attract little kids. So, why don’t you give them baskets for keeping knickknacks, candies, pen, or pencils? The method is very easy. You just need to cut out an empty oatmeal container in half to make it shorter. Wrap the container with colored paper using glue. You can attach colored ribbons, buttons, flowers for making it more attractive. This is one of the most easier crafts that kids will love for sure and your wallet as well.


How can you serve a frugal dinner on Easter?

Easter is the perfect occasion when you can invite your extended family to gather and enjoy a dinner party. Hosting a dinner party is fun, but it can add up quickly. You have to plan ahead of time to avoid extra spending.

1. Arrange the dinner at your home

If your guest list is long, then don’t go out to a restaurant for having dinner with guests. You can easily arrange a dinner party at your home. Thus, you’ll be able to save money. Make the menu and start cooking. Your invitees will love to taste your handmade food than restaurant foods.

2. Keep the menu simple

Planning a dinner on a budget doesn’t mean that your family can’t have an awesome Easter. Remember, elaborate meals result in wastage of food. Keeping the menu simple helps to reduce the wastage.

3. Value the leftovers

You should use the leftovers (if any) for the next several days. Your bank account will thank you for saving so much money for sure.

4. Save money on alcohol

Serving expensive alcohol for 30 and above guests will surely break your budget. So, you must be extra watchful about serving alcohol. Try to serve less expensive alcohol and keep juice or soft drinks to save money.

Final thoughts

I think, your focus should be on traditions rather than objects. Try to visit the church with your extended families. Enjoy the togetherness instead of sharing expensive gifts with each other. If you have a flower garden in your front yard, then there is no need to buy decorating items to make the garden more attractive. The garden itself is ready for hiding eggs. Remember, staying away from store helps to keep more money in a wallet.

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