"We spoke of how President Trump failed to gather his party’s full support and trample the Affordable Care Act or Obamacare once and for all. Now, he has accomplished one of his pre-election goals - to have the Obamacare repealed and passed a fresh bill in the House, as its replacement. Check out for more updates here." -- Andy.M
U.S. President Mr. Donald Trump put up a brave face after the defeat he’s largely been immune to all these years. He took to Twitter as usual to convey his condolences to the American public, “ObamaCare will explode and we will all get together and piece together a great healthcare plan for THE PEOPLE. Do not worry!”

President Donald J. Trump has always been vitriolic, be it in words or action. He has a history of making controversial remarks that not only embarrassed his own party but others too. His failure to repeal the Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare) is one of the most crushing defeats he has suffered in the recent past.

According to the analysts, it’s the outcome of long-standing feud between the fellow Republicans. This Republican civil war has had it’s former victims like him before he took over the realms of the party and the White House.

Post the humiliating defeat, Mr. Trump was busy licking his wounds and sought a scapegoat to offload the burden of his failure as a ‘statesman’.

In an interview with The New York Times, Mr. Trump said that his administration was rocking and the reason he cited was internal strife in the Republican party.

According to him, his party has “a lot of players, a lot of players with a very different mind-set,” He further added. “You have liberals, even within the Republican Party. You have the conservative players.”

If Trump’s Obamacare debacle was bad, then the upcoming government shutdown is the worse challenge faced till date by the Trump administration. The resolution that oils the government machinery is slated to expire on April 28th, and if the present administration fails to reach a fresh funding consensus before the deadline expires, then another government shutdown is inevitable. It’ll be similar to the one the country and the world at large witnessed in 2013.

Interestingly, this shutdown would last a bit longer than the former ones.

The sleeping dragon - Another government shutdown?

The Congress has to act, act in the living present. The deadline of April 28th may come sooner than they could imagine. There are several holes in the congressional calendar that might force them to burn the midnight oil in order to avert another government failure.

The congress has just a couple of ‘legislative days’ before April 28th comes knocking at the door. If they fail to come up with a disaster management plan, then on April 29th there will be a country wide shutdown.

This time, the financial markets will be up for a crash big time. During the Obamacare catastrophe, the Dow Jones suffered for 6 consecutive years, and if slapped with another shutdown, then it’d have to bear the brunt for the longest, since 1978.

Effect of the shutdown

In a government shutdown, except essential government services, everything else stops. Hundreds and thousands of government employees will be on special leave, government parks would be locked and kept out of bounds for the public, and a number of government agencies would cease to function altogether.

The same happened in 2013.

Why the shutdown?

The question of the hour is: Why will the conservative Congressmen push for another government shutdown in 2017?

One of the prime reasons is that the national debt grows by more than a trillion dollars every year. Throughout the Obama rule, the U.S. national debt almost doubled from 10.6 trillion dollars to 20 trillion dollars.

A just society would put its rulers behind the bars for embezzling government funds. But in America, the opposite has become the norm and it’s acceptable for the greedy politicians to sell the country’s children and grandchildren into debt slavery.

Somebody has to take a stance and stop it. But, so far, it has become clearer that President Trump isn’t the one. From his interview to the New York Times contributor, Robert Draper, Mr. Trump has sent his message loud and clear that his administration would spend a notch more than what Obama administration did.

Though Trump’s fiscal policies would bring in positive results in the short-term, yet it’d prove disastrous for the future generations to turn their American Dream into reality which they’ve been promised to.

The conservative Congressmen want to defund Planned Parenthood, apart from preventing the national debt from exploding. The House Freedom Caucus, a conservative group of the Republican party, would inevitably ask for a stay on the funds provided to the women’s health group and the nation’s biggest abortion provider. It’ll be a non-negotiable condition, if the government seeks their support for the government funding bill.

As a result of such a rigid approach of the right wing members of the Congress, a government shutdown might continue for an extended period.

Final word

If the Trump administration goes ahead with funding its Planned Parenthood programme, then Trump and his army of legislatures, staffs and supporters will be guilty of the mass murder that would happen because of the policy.

A majority of the Americans are ignorant of its outcome. In reality, it’s going to be one of the biggest blots in the American history.

However, if Mr. Trump and his Republican party forsakes Planned Parenthood programme, then that would turn out to be an exceptionally positive thing for America. But, if it persists, then the outcome will be a lot more devastating than our people could ever imagine.

Let us know of your feedback about How Trump should deal with his administrative challenges!

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