Black Friday is known as the biggest sales day. Most of the consumers get a shopping spree from Black Friday to Cyber Monday and go crazy over deals. These 4 busiest days are only about “huge-sales, biggest crowds in store, and online shopping craze.”

Last year, U.S people spent a record-breaking $2.4 billion on Black Friday shopping. Retailers get solid profit during this time, but also face difficulties in managing the huge traffic and fulfilling the expectation of consumers.

What do consumers expect on Black Friday?

Every business owners and retailers have to take the challenge to impress their valuable customers. The only way to ensure the profit is to attract more customers.

But the question is, what do they expect from retailers?

Well, every consumer needs the best because they are spending money on that item.

  • They want the best quality product that meets the latest fashion with a fascinating price level.
  • They want to grab the product at best time.
  • Most of the consumers expect good availability and excellent customer service and expect good return policy.
  • Ads, notification, banners should be prompt that help them to steal the deal easily.

Moreover, comparison shopping becomes easier due to technology advancement. So, consumers can compare price rate and availability, from from one retailer to another easily.

So, every retailer should know some magic tricks to force their consumers to visit them every time.

Read carefully:

1. The sooner, the better

Today's consumers love to plan early to get prepared for the upcoming event in an organized way. They are looking for sale and discount notifications earlier than what you, the retailer, might have thought to advertise.

So, before it’s too late, announce your holiday sales and let your customers know that you are ready with a variety of items with a sale price in advance.

What you have to do is set the whole plan much ahead of time instead of waiting for the event to come closer.

2. Be more social

Update your website regarding the sale and promote in social media to let the customers know about it. Remember, in the present times,s most of customers prefer web visibility of their favorite brands (clothing, gadgets, grocery, etc). So, make sure your product gets proper promotion on social media platforms to get reached by all customers.

3. Make the web address mobile friendly

People are crazily busy in their lives. Mobile becomes convenient to them as a time saver while connecting to every aspect of advancement. Mobile are not for just making calls, it's become a full administrator of our life, from office work to shopping, it is a must have.

People are now worshiper of speed. Mobiles are fast and internet is running even faster with 4G connection.

If your website's mobile version takes a lot of time to open, the consumer doesn't visit you next time.

So, make sure you work on this factor previously to get more viewers, and customers too.

4. Be creative while advertising holiday sales

You must be more creative while thinking about banner ads and header/hero images on your homepage for Black Friday sales.

People love to see what's new in a big banner while traveling.

Also, they love to get notification regarding the big sale on their news feed. So, be creative to advertise your products deliberately to get more happy customers.

5. Consumers love anticipation

Creating buzz is important because people want to get things that nobody has. They are always curious about "what's new" in the market.

So, post a sneak peek of what's to come, promote hints of the particular product, or just keep an unbelievable price rate for making the sale more attractive.

The sooner you start, the more crowd you will have.

6. Marketing, marketing, and more marketing

Marketing is forever in trend to get a good result in business. You have to reach your target customers. However, today's marketing is different. You have to cover every social platform including television and banner.

Remember, people pay more attention to ads just before the festive season.

So, marketing is a vital factor to catch their attention. Just follow these simple tips:

  • Make sure you set Email marketing campaigns to bring more customers to your website before holiday sale begins.
  • Send reminder notification of the last date of sale.
  • Offer some exclusive sale for only Email subscribers.
  • Set up a retargeting pixel on your store to reach visitors who might have forgotten about the sale. Send them notifications to visit you again.
  • Announce "jaw-dropping" sale on popular brands that most customers love.

7. Reward your loyal customers

Remember, people love to be rewarded. Holiday season is perfect to build a good relationship with your loyal customers by rewarding them.

Offer some special discounts or coupons to your regular customers. Send Email to them with information about the best deals.

Finally, the most important part is that every consumer expects to get good customer service. People have a lot of queries, complaints that they want to fix as early as possible.

However, it's difficult to get back to every customer during the busy shopping season, but you have to manage and give a courteous response to them. Also, make hassle free returns policy to get delighted customers and great review of your brand and service. Good luck!

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