Running a small business is not a cake walk. You have so many things to deal with. For instance, keeping track of employee daily work, managing customer complaints, maintaining the quality of the products, tracking cash flow and so on. However, the foremost important thing every small business owner should take care of is constantly increasing productivity. You shouldn’t ignore the productivity part along with other various jobs. However, the technology is there to make an entrepreneur's job easier. Some apps are must have for all small business owner who wants to get the best outcome from their business.

Evernote: Makes note taking easier (iOS/windows/android)

This note taking app is one of the most helpful tools for business owners. This app works smoothly to your desktop as well. This app made easy for keeping track of an upcoming business trip, saving researched web pages, and sharing notes with colleagues. Evernote is enriched with Moleskine journals. It makes your note-taking experience more satisfied than ever.

Quip: Makes collaboration with colleagues easier (iOS/android)

This app helps you to collaborate with your colleagues on documents. Small business owners who get constant updates from others and to edit the piece accordingly should use this app. It makes easier to manage emails, and sending notifications on mobile as projects change. It also helps to attach documents, and to create other documents even when you’re not online. Makes task managing more easier (iOS/android)

This app is helpful for managing your tasks, creating, and synchronizing list. This app can do wonders with your daily to-dos. Select "done” and tap an item into your list or flag it with due dates. You can attach files, assign for your team as well. It also allows creating tasks within events.

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Linkedin pulse: Makes gaining knowledge easier (iOS/android)

This is one of the most popular social networks where you can find similar minded business partners, jobs, latest industry news and so on. You can also get the latest news updated market research from leaders and influencers. This app is ideal to give personalized reading experience to the users. You just need to search your content and load the stories to read when you get time. You can read them when you’re offline as well. You can build your own community and network through sharing articles as well.

Hipchat: Makes communication easier (iOS/android/desktop)

Hipchat is a savior for the busy business owner to keep contact with potential clients and other important persons. Following up email on the daily basis is not possible for a businessman. You can deliver a message to your entire team as well. This app also helps your team member to communicate effectively. So, your productivity will not hamper due to unanswered emails now.

Pocket: Makes saving important things easier (iOS/android/desktop)

Due to the huge workload, you can miss important videos to watch or an important article to read. This app makes easy to save videos, articles, links online so that you can check them when you get time. You can read them when you’re offline as well.

Wunderlist: Makes managing to-do lists easier (iOS/android/desktop)

This app is highly effective to manage your to-do list. You can make a long list of tasks and automatically synchronize it so that others can see it and follow accordingly. This app helps you to distribute tasks among your team members. This app breaks the tasks into subtasks, add notes, set programs, reminders and even remind you the deadline.

Rescuetime: Makes the time management easier iOS/android/desktop)

To save time from distractions like Facebook, online shopping, twitter, you must have this app. Rescuetime alerts you when you start spending too much time. The advanced version of this app sends notification after a certain time. Thus, your productivity doesn’t hamper and you can reach your goals within the time.

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