Walmart is very popular among shoppers till date. However, Aldi, one of the German store chain has become popular these days. Of Course, there are some reasons why people are considering Aldi. One of the main reasons is keeping low cost yet quality items. Most of the shoppers think low-cost shopping experience is very important when you have to visit the store for buying daily items. Most of the shoppers think they’re getting around 20% lesser price than Walmart pricing.

What experts say

  1. Blogger Erin Kelly claimed that the German grocery chain Aldi is 22% cheaper than Walmart based on price check in 2015. At two Aldi and Walmart stores in Manhattan and Kansas, Kelly compared 28 items and noticed Aldi is cheaper than Walmart. He wrote in Business Insider that he bought all 28 items at Aldi with $64.06 and at Walmart for the same 28 items he spent $82,62.
  2. The popular website also claimed that Aldi is cheaper than Walmart in the year 2015.The website claimed that Aldi’s pricing is cheaper than both Walmart and Kroger after completing a Study. The study was held at the Columbus, Ohio area on 37 items. The basket with 28 items came to $72.30 at Aldi, $85.88 at Walmart, and $93.73 T Kroger.

Why should you consider Aldi over Walmart next time?

People shop as per their choice. Some people prefer branded items, the price tag doesn't bother them, whereas some people try to find out the best quality with cheaper rate. However, there are some reasons that have created some significant effect on shoppers for accepting Aldi more than Wal-Mart.

Fewer chances of incurring credit card debts

Aldi stores don’t accept credit card. They only take cash, debit cards or food stamps. You must carry cash or debit card while heading to the Aldi store for buying things. On the other hand, Walmart accepts credit cards. Thus, you may overspend using your credit cards. But, when you’re not allowed to use credit cards, there are fewer chances of incurring debts. This is the advantage of shopping at Aldi instead of Walmart.

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The opportunity to enjoy lower prices

According to the shoppers who have already shopped at Aldi, prices are lesser than Walmart. So, it helps them so save money on daily items.

Quality items with less price

It has been seen that and keeps non-branded items that are good in quality, but Walmart keeps branded items so the prices are higher in comparison to Aldi. However, people prefer items that are good both in terms of quality and price.

The store is not overwhelming in size

I remember the lady who was almost running with her two busy kids all over the huge Walmart at our location. She was totally exhausted and expressed her frustration - "Oh Lord! now I have to trek all the store to get only a bottle of juice". This is a daily picture of the inside of a Walmart store. You’ll get everything from motor oil to milk at the same store, but you have to walk a lot. It becomes more stressful when you’re with those little busy feet. However, Aldi is not at all overwhelming in size.

You don’t have to face the crowd at Aldi

People don’t like shopping with huge crowds and waiting in long lines. It has been seen that people are now considering Aldi for better shopping experience.

The best value hard earned money

People are now more conscious about their hard earned money. They prefer Aldi to get the everyday low prices in compare to Walmart. Aldi stores keep great staple foods like eggs, cheese, milk at much cheaper rate than Walmart. The items are fresh and tasty as well.

Final thoughts

Prices vary on location and items. Your spending depends on what you and your family mostly prefer to eat. However, there are many other reasons that help Aldi for offering lower prices like Aldi doesn’t focus on advertising and national brands. The good news is Aldi is going to expand its chains across the US. So, now onwards you can save more money on groceries as well.

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