When you are planning to shop, say for Black Friday or the Halloween, you can reduce your shopping costs and save money through coupons and discounts. With the help of your social media accounts such as Facebook and Twitter, you’ll come across lucrative coupons and discount offers using the versatile hashtags - #.

Importance of coupons

  • For businesses, both online and offline, a coupon is an effective tool to increase their revenue. This business strategy gains greater momentum during the festivities of both national and international importance.
  • Through coupons, business entities try to outsmart their competitorsand establish themselves as the leading brands with better budget-friendly products or services.
  • Coupons also play a role in building up a loyal brand following amongst the targeted consumers.

Twitter as your savings growth engine

  • Try to connect with the company representatives and echo the sentiments of other consumers, while stating your grievances in a polite manner. Send a direct tweet to the company from whom you want a discountor would love to get a promotional offer. Once you’re connected, you can clinch a good discount from them and lower your monthly bill for some of your non-discretionary as well as discretionary costs.
  • There are many companies out there on the Internet that respond to tweets from their disgruntled customers. If you can negotiate politely and support your arguments with valid facts, then you could be offered a sweeter deal. Make sure you send the message via social media that you’re thinking of switching over to a more affordable competitor of theirs.
  • You can use Twitter as your means to save money from big ticket purchaseslike computer equipment, electronic gadgets, etc. The more smartly you use social media, the better your savings could be.

Facebook catching up with Hashtag

  • When looking for deals, discounts, and coupons, you may search for niches or specific hashtags from your Facebook account’s search bar.
  • You may login to other social media accounts like Instagram and click on their hashtags that meet your demands.
  • Using the hashtag feed and the search results of Facebook, you can write down your demand for deals/discounts/couponsto be sent directly to the retailers who’re willing to respond to your requests.

Hashtag – Your money-saving vehicle in social media

  • Hashtags (#) are excellent ways to land niche, lucrative deals and coupons on Twitter. Suppose, you want to buy a movie ticket. In this case, you can use hashtags with search phrases like #MovieCoupon or #MovieDealand so on. This online search tactic will instantly throw up a few dozen relevant results for you to choose.
  • You can further narrow your search by breaking up the individual words into something like these - #Movie #Coupon or #Movie #Deal. This’ll provide you with the specific information about deals from interested dealers, offering coupons and discounts. Take, for instance, you may use search phrases like #Movie #Coupon #Sci-fi.
  • You can use the same hashtags for searches on a host of social media platforms like Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram. However, hashtags aren’t as effective in these social media platforms as they are on Twitter. You may have a good response from hashtag on Facebook, though.

Hot hashtags in social media

Here are some hot search phrases with the hashtags attached to them that you may use for coupons:

  • #deals
  • #coupons
  • #coupon
  • #ad
  • #farmtoflavor
  • #sponsored
  • #mygofer
  • #giftcard

Popularity of hashtags has given birth to a new era – Hashtag Era. So, get smart with your hashtag use in your social accounts and reap maximum benefits.

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