Due to some medical debts, I’ll be filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy soon and I’ve known that I need to submit all my financial activities for the past 3 months.

On my son’s car title both our names appear since I had co-signed the loan. But the loan has been paid off several years back. As I was not sure if they would repossess his car due to my bankruptcy filing (I’ll be filing in Florida), I just transferred the title to his name just to keep the thing away from my bankruptcy filing.

Could this transfer be taken as fraudulent? Should I wait for another couple of months?

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You should wait for atleast one year before filing your claim. Otherwise, the transfer of assets may be considered as a fraudulent activity and you will not be allowed a Chapter 7 discharge. You're advised to consult an attorney immediately who'll either recommend you to wait or ask you to undo the transfer. However, if you can show proof that you didn't pay for the loan or use the car, the transfer may not be considered a fraudulent activity and the attorney will be able to justify the transfer. 

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Last Updated on: Fri, 8 Jun 2018

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