I just received a Chapter 7 bankruptcy discharge 10 days back. Now my wife is pushing me to apply for a job through a contact at a bank whose debt I discharge in the bankruptcy. The bank is still calling me regularly for the debt thus violating the court orders - discharge. The argument that I have to my wife is it would be a sheer wastage of time in case I apply for the same as because of the fact that banks mostly run a credit check on a candidate before making a job offer. On the other hand, my wife’s argument is that I’m just not trying enough to get a job. I’m a licensed medical practitioner and have been searching for a job for the last three months.

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Discrimination in employment is strictly prohibited by law for having filed bankruptcy petition and moreover, most employers don’t see bankruptcy a bar while employing one. Secondly, if it’s a big bank, the chances of left hand knowing what the right hand is doing is very low. Moreover, the HR department hardly knows what the credit department knows about you. So my best advice would be to apply for the job. It won’t hurt you or cost you a penny. However, it might help.

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Last Updated on: Fri, 8 Jun 2018

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